Crossing stories with strategy to create impact and change

Valerie A. Lee​​


You can lead a horse to water, but if he's not thirsty, he won't drink. In order to be successful in today's crowded marketplace, recognizing signs of thirst and creating "thirst quenchers" are not enough. You need to create a feeling of thirst in the people you're trying to motivate and what better way to achieve that than by creating a story? Henry Ford said, "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses."

The most powerful content is utility wrapped up in emotion and the best stories stir emotions within us. Don't just provide useful and interesting information. Give me a compelling reason to care about it. Show me how your product or service will impact and create a real difference in my life. Steve Jobs said, "The customer never knows what they want until we show them." Arousing someone's emotion is the hook, but if you want to reel people in, you need supporting facts. Emotion supported by facts provides the motivating force to inspire people to take action.

​Throughout my blog, I will share useful content that I find interesting and try to give you a reason to care about it by weaving in stories from my personal life that might resonate with you. Transparency and meaningfulness are important. Transparency works because human beings love stories, and what can be more transparent than an actual story from your own life? A story without meaningfulness is merely an anecdote. Writers have been integrating lessons into stories since before Aesop, and so will I. Click here to visit my blog.